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A blogspot dedicated to the development (and now enjoyment) of a modern beach cottage on the Florida panhandle. This site will take you along my stumbling path of what it takes to build a simple, modern, affordable, and green beach cottage in Laguna Beach, FL near Panama City Beach as well as some insight on the many other distractions and diversions in my life.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We are so pleased with the feedback so far on the new beach cottage. My Mom and Dad have really enjoyed it and have been so helpful both along the way as well as our first guests. We had an impromptu dinner gathering in late spring and the home worked so well with kids, teens, and grown-ups all enjoying dinner and drinks together.
My sister and kids enjoyed the home for a couple of nights and then was joined by her husband for the weekend. Its been fun having others stay at the new place and then getting their feedback on it. The common tone is that it is wonderful. We hear things like, " it functions so well", "it really flows great", "it is so practical", "what a cool use of space", "it does not seem small".....This is music to my ears.

I have posted a couple of photos. I regret not having posted more from the consrtuction but I have them and it seems pointless to post them now. I am loading most these to Flickr anyway and the photos of the (mostly) finished product are all there already.

We are especially please with the rentals so far as this is making the note a little less burdensome. It is really attractively priced as compared to anything else that is both new and has a pool. Tell your friends! A number of the recent guests have enjoyed it so much that they have added nights. We are also doing a referral rewards. Come stay - go home - tell a friend - earn a free night if they book and stay - simple! The rental site is Check it out!

Next on the agenda is grass for the small front yard and the rain barrels. I hope to use a drought tolerant, salt tolerant grass that many of the local communities seem to be using if I can find our the type and locate a source. It seems to be Sea Dwarf Paspalum. Anyone familiar with this?

If you want to see more photos, you can check them out at: