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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Permits Approved!
The building permits were submitted and approved in less than 2 weeks! As of Monday July 9th, we have been issued our building permit by Bay County. As far as I know from our contractor, there were no questions or issues brought up which I find somewhat amazing since this is a different type of construction method that the traditional stick build that these guys see everyday. Lets hope that this will not come back to haunt us during the construction phase when the individual inspectors seem to have their individual interpretation of the codes. But as far as the structure and site planning, I will assume they are happy with what we submitted and I am hopeful that they are as excited to see something "new" being built as we are.
As we begin on this project, I wil be updating regularly with photos and logs to document this project and hope that you will join in with you comments and questions.
Next on the agenda is 1. Getting the building panels on order from Transcon in Austin TX. Yet, in speaking with Transcon this week, it seems that they have great new capacity in their new plant and the delivery time will be faster than what we will need. We don't want to store the panels on site but also don't want to be waiting on them. Thus schedule planning is crucial for an efficient project.
We will also be getting the pool permit and then marking the corners of the slab so that the pool (though small as it is) can be laid out and roughed in before the house foundation. This is due to the lack of accessability to the pool after the slab goes in.
Greg and Rusty (Arbor Homes), the contractors, will be getting temporary power out to the lot right away. Speaking of Greg, I had a great discussion with him today regarding our ability to meet more than the minimum number of points to achieve the Florida Green Building Coalition certification. I have been pleased with Gregs willingnes to "think out of the box" so far on this project. I know that he too feels that there has got to be a better way to build here on the coast that is green, cost effective, and strong while remaining easy enough to meet various types of architectural styles and tastes. Chandra Hartman of is helping us along with the "green certification" and she plays a vital roles in seeing this project finally come to fruition.
So for now I leave you with a shot of the beach that lies only a couple hundred yards from the soon to be Casa de Marposa. Stay tuned...

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