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Saturday, July 28, 2007

We Dig Pools

Casa de Maraposa has broken ground! We'll at least for the pool. The pool which is located in the extreme rear corner of the lot has to be roughed in first to get too it. The guys at Precision Pools have been great to work with so far. he tile went in yesterday, nothing fancy, just some light blue generic tile. We are keeping this as simple as possible considering the home will be used by others. We did add a sitting bench and to raised section for a water fall (not sure what its called) but it added a little "extra" without costs or maintenance issue. Still on the fence about whether to use a saltinator (no chlorine) or a normal chlorine addition. The saltinator basically uses no chemicals supposedly cutting costs and adding a "green" feature but is not supposed to be like swimming the the Gulf. The setback area around the end and back of pool will simply be planted with Bamboo in pots. The neighbor graciously agreed to let us remove the Bradford Pear tree that overhangs the complete pool to help save us headaches. I hate these trees anyway and I agreed to plant him something back in its place - definitely will use something deciduous.

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