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A blogspot dedicated to the development (and now enjoyment) of a modern beach cottage on the Florida panhandle. This site will take you along my stumbling path of what it takes to build a simple, modern, affordable, and green beach cottage in Laguna Beach, FL near Panama City Beach as well as some insight on the many other distractions and diversions in my life.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Modern House Raising
Thats what having these panels go up reminds me of when we have several guys lift and then walk the wall up in place. The home is beginneing to look like a home. The comments and looks we are getting from passer-bys are priceless. There have been a few hurdles so far with learning curve and panels manufacturer, but we are getting through them, at least for now. These are pictures from days 1 and 2. Previous to these past two days, the base track was installed on the slab and the slab was covered for protection.

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