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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Casa at Dusk

I recently tried my hand at some low light potography of my beach cottage. I impressed myself with these. Not professional quality by any means but they pleased me and sure made for some interesting photos of the beach casa.

We have recently had some bermuda grass installed in the front. I waited for a while on this meandering through what would be the best thing to do in the front from native grasses like Muhly grass to some shrubs and pavers. I settled on a lawn for a few reasons: 1. this is a septic field and care must be taken to not have anything that will root too deep. 2 the native grasses, though native, were going to to be quite expensive and would still need pine straw to fill between, and 3. this would be more utilizable for kids to play on :-) Again, the challenge of site planning has been quite fun on this project.

Here are a few of the pics I took the other evening at dusk on a beautiful and cool September night.

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