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A blogspot dedicated to the development (and now enjoyment) of a modern beach cottage on the Florida panhandle. This site will take you along my stumbling path of what it takes to build a simple, modern, affordable, and green beach cottage in Laguna Beach, FL near Panama City Beach as well as some insight on the many other distractions and diversions in my life.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Casa de Maraposa - Baby Butterfly Steps
Well, I feel we are at the next juncture. I have had my share of investigatng SIPS for this project and believe that I have finally settled in on a panel system that will be a good fit for this project. With that somewhat decided on, we move on to more fun stuff. I have charged CFHDesignStudio with getting this project completely "built" on paper so that I can get this material to our contractor for some good estimating and then on to the lenders to see if borrowing the money is going to be a better way to build. This will be the fun stuff as we will be specing out all the great finishes and ideas I have envisioned for this clean, simple, modern, and affordable beach cottage. More to come...

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