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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Progress....but slowly
The Casa de Maraposa is slowly coming into a project. Gues you could say its still in the cacoon.
After much ado about windows and finding the right supplier for the impact sliders we want, and of course with price being a factor, we are on to the next step. This entails the drawings from CFHDesignStudio being sent to Enerloc (along with some of my $$) in Austin, TX to have the drafting and engineering services done. The guys at Enerloc, who I have yet to meet personally, have been great through all this planning stuff. And I really hope that the material quanities and deign work come back in line with the original estimate +/-5%. I should have some response from Enerloc in about another week. Enerloc is providing the complete panelized building envelope. They have an all steel and foam injected panel system - not a SIPS - but similar in that its panelized and should go up quickly while reducing waste and labor and creating a strong and energy efficient structure.
Greg Mahar at Arbor Homes in Grayton Beach has put together an estimate for construction that is, so far, within our target. He seems determined to look for economies in this new method of construction - at least new for this area.
Chandra Hartman of CFHDesign Studio is really ready to see this whole project come together. This gal has some great ideas and I hope we can get this one off the ground and move to #2.
I have included the preliminary plans that have been submitted to Enerloc for drafting and engineering of the panalized building envelope.
In the meantime, I am still working on the money side of this. Ugh.....

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