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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cocoon Phase for Casa de Maraposa
After a few delays, we should have the engineering and drafting data from Enerloc this week. Once in hand we will review these drawings and give the OK to produce the stamped engineers layouts of the Enerloc build envelope. These, along with the the site plans, material schedule, utility layouts, and septic information, will all be delivered to the local code officials in Bay County to get their blessings. While we wait for the local code officials to approve (glass half full :), I will be looking at every aspect of this project where we can find some additional cost savings. Once the local code dudes have signed off and we have a permit, then we can let an order to Enerloc to manufacture the wall and ceiling panels and being site preps.
I have been soliciting some infomation from members at on fence ideas and they have come up with some great resources. I especially like the use of framed translucent panels (FRP, Poly, etc) as well as some of the new bamboo fencing. There is some great info on these at as well. So stay tuned - things have picked up to snails-trot pace now.

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