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A blogspot dedicated to the development (and now enjoyment) of a modern beach cottage on the Florida panhandle. This site will take you along my stumbling path of what it takes to build a simple, modern, affordable, and green beach cottage in Laguna Beach, FL near Panama City Beach as well as some insight on the many other distractions and diversions in my life.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Much Needed Update

So, its been a while since the last update. But here up will find a fast-tracked update on what's been happening on the Casa since November. There has been many decisions: some good one's and some that I will chalk up to part of the learning process that I agreed to myself that this home would provide for me. Afterall, it is my first 'greenfield' job and also it has been intended as an exercise in new construction methods, an aggressive budget, and introducing "green" to the neighborhood.

We have changed decisions on the facade, the fence, the interior paint, the countertops, the bath tile, lighting, landscape, and so on. But who ever said these were really decisions to begin with? They were only ideas that evolved along the way. These have been driven by costs, subs capabilities, simplicity, and other factors. But all in all the Casa de Mariposa is mostly as it was originally designed and with that, I am pleased so far. I will attempt to place the folowing pics in somewhat a chronological order and will try to hold the comments to a minimum.

I hope for your feedback, questions, and comments.


Anonymous said...

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elitrope said...

Hey EH---Cool house! The color selection totally reminds me of those days when I was a little girl and my family would stay in one of those little block beach cottages. You really captured the spirit of that time.

tres_arboles said...

By your photos, you're just a few weeks ahead of us in your build. Very cool house! We started out thinking cottage. But the site demanded somewhat more home. Plus our builder has enabled us to work within a very strict budget. As a result we've gone from modern cottage, to modern cabin with a view! If you have the time, check us out either on the livemodern build blog or at my blog,

David, Seattle