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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Catching up to the present on this blog, I have inserted some more photos in chronological order. I am finding I am definitely a dotcom'r as I wish I had a better handle on formatting this blog. Anyway I am going to give it a shot. The following shots are old but I am attempting to place these in chronological order as the components of the home were installed/constructed. These are going to be just an exampe of the steps so if anyone out there would like more details, I will be happy to forward them or post them here. Just ask or reply. I welcome your comments.
Painting was the next step and was done with a brand new product. We used Benjman Moore's new Aura paint. This is there low-VOC paint and boy did it make a difference. It really covered well too. The price tag, as with many of the green products make you wonder whether its worth it, but it is. This paint is about 50% more than a conventional high quality paint. But I did not have to check into rehab following a couple days painting! There have already been a couple of shots posted but here are a few more. he color scheme is a completely other story. It started off with lunch a Zoe's in SOHO in Homewood, AL. My wife, Lisa, and I decided we both loved their color scheme and it would be easy to simply take it withus and use it at the casa. The have a great stripped color pattern and use natural birch panels as wainscott in all their places. So off we set with Zoes' spinach and feta quesidilla's and paint chips. Well, the short of this is that, each of these colors alone do not work as great as they do as a stripped pattern. Nonetheless, we toned things down to the one's we liked and scrapped the bright green bathroom and bright orange accent wall n the kitchen and stuck with the lighter and calmer colors. They have grown on me and I am pleased. (I didn't let all go to waste as just to prove out the power of the green that was orginally chosen for the bath, I kindly painted the laundry/utility room with it so that Lisa can be forever reminded of what her bath "could have been".

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